A little about me

I am a qualified medical doctor, having previously worked as a GP. As much as I loved to help people, I realised there were other ways, so I chose to follow my passion to help people achieve emotional wellbeing and live their best lives.

I am fascinated by the many approaches to improve people’s lives and educate myself daily by reading a wide range of psychology and personal development literature.

I have trained in various methods; I am now a life coach, an AAMET accredited EFT practitioner, an NLP master practitioner and have a diploma in clinical hypnotherapy. I am passionate about personal development and believe that by nurturing self-awareness and clarity in one’s emotional life, this can have a dramatic effect on the way we live our lives and achieve success.

These techniques have helped me on my own journey, from coping with anxiety, controlling and letting go of unhelpful emotions, increasing self-confidence, healing relationships, losing weight, to finding direction. I know what it feels like to want help, despite not knowing what will help, who to go to for help, or even what the problem is. I am based in Newcastle upon Tyne.

Why weight loss and body confidence?

I have had my own battles with food and my body since I was 8 when I went on my first diet. I have never been very overweight but I know the frustration it has caused nearly every day for the last 30 something years. It needn’t have been this way, I didn’t know how to deal with my negative emotions so used to eat to feel better then felt bad about my body.

After much training in my therapies and much research, I realised that weight gain and feeling unhappy about our bodies is a symptom of emotional discontent. If we can deal with the underlying cause that is, our feelings and emotions, we view food in a different way and eat appropriately for the body we have.

I have put in to practice what I have learnt using my strategies and techniques, and can safely say that I’m much happier in my body then I ever have been.

I want help others who are in a similar situation as it can be so simple and take just a few sessions to end the longstanding cycle of dieting and self loathing for good.